What Are the Best Windows for Your Basement?

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What Are the Best Windows for Your Basement?

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As you’re coming up with several designs for your basement, do not forget that your windows also matter. Depending on their type, basement windows will allow light and air into your room. Not all window types fit a basement. Worry not- visit San Bernardino CA, windows. They will help you determine the best choices for your basement.

A home can never be complete without windows, and so is a basement. Because they let in natural light, you do not need to light your bulbs during the day- in turn, you will save on electrical bills. When you choose a perfect window to match your basement, its look will completely change. Here are some of the best windows you can consider.

Increase Your Home’s Privacy With Hopper Windows

These are the most common window types found in basements. They have hinges at the bottom and can only open from the top. They are very easy to operate and very secure because they come with latches. Whatever the design of your basement, be sure that hopper windows are a perfect choice for you. The privacy that these windows offer is on another level. They are available either in glass blocks or frosted glass. Passers-by cannot get a glimpse of your home.

Secure Your Home From Bad Weather With Awning Windows

Unlike hopper windows, awning windows have hinges on the top and only open from the bottom. Just like their name, they create an awning above your window to protect you from bad weather conditions such as snow, hailstorms, or bad wind. So, regardless of the weather, your basement windows can always remain open and allow in the cool breeze into your home. These types are a perfect match for partiality or the ground basement.

Ever Heard of Sliding Windows?

If you have a daylight basement, then slider windows will be a perfect choice. They give you the luxury of enjoying direct access to your backyard. They operate on a sliding track so allowing fresh air into your basement becomes easy. Their sleek design gives your entire home a modern and exclusive look. They fit in both partial or above-the-ground basements.

Increase Your Basement’s Airflow With Double Hung Windows

You can install double-hung windows in almost every room in your house, however, it’s still a go-to choice when it comes to the basement. You fully get to control the amount of air that enters your basement because you open the window just as much as you want.

They come in many colors and grid options and finding a design that suits your basement will be easy. They function best in above-the-ground basements.

San Bernardino CA replacement windows 1 300x163Let Your Basement Soak in the Sunlight With Picture Windows

If your primary concern is the amount of light entering your basement; picture windows will come to your rescue. They are enormous and will ensure that your basement takes in all the required light. Due to their sizes, they also give you an appealing exterior.


Each window type has unique features, and it is upon you to decide which parts match your basement and style. Your basement will only be complete if it has the perfect windows. There are so many options available at San Bernardino, CA, windows and you will indeed find one that matches your style. Contact the window expert for your next window project.

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