They Provide Maximum Ventilation

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They Provide Maximum Ventilation

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These are the most popular type of windows. Almost all homeowners own them, and they get set up in most of the rooms in a home. From ease of operation to energy efficiency, they have become an excellent choice for most people. At Corona CA, window replacement, you are given a full guide on the benefits and shortcomings of double-hung windows. Every window type has its disadvantages, and this type is not an exception. Your preference is what will guide you during your selection. Some of them are listed below.

They Provide Maximum Ventilation

One of the main reasons these windows are preferred is because they provide excellent ventilation. By simply sliding the bottom and upper sash downward, you can control the airflow in your home. The windows are easily functional and work unexpectedly well with air conditioning units. Installing these windows in parts of the house that require extra airflow, especially during the summer, will serve you well.

They Are Very Easy To Clean

Double-hung windows are versatile, making them easy to clean. You are only required to tilt each sash and clean both sides of your interior. Cleaning does not become depressing if your windows are high in a building. They are also easy to clean because the window tracks are vertical, so they collect very little dust.

They Boost Energy Efficiency

You all want to increase ways of saving bills in your home. One way of doing that is by installing double-hung windows. They have a high energy efficient rating. Designed to lock double, they have no threat against harsh weather conditions. Their excellent ventilation allows fresh air into your home during the day, and once closed, cold air gets locked out. It means that you will not rely on electrical heaters and cooler systems. Your bulbs will also be off for the better part of the day. All this will ensure you save on electric bills.

Disadvantages of Double-hung windows

As stated earlier, every type has its downfalls. There are some reasons why double-hung windows may serve you poorly in your home. Here are some of their disadvantages.

They Are Costly

These windows come in different complex designs, making them very expensive. The materials used are also costly hence their high costs.

Maintenance Is Challenging

They require frequent cleaning so that they serve you for a long time. The locks and levers require regular lubrication lest they stiffen and rust.

replacement windows in Corona CA 300x180They Experience Air Leakage

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of double-hung windows. They are not as tightly sealed as other window types, such as casement windows. You may have to weather-strip during seasons like winter to keep away cold air and even intruders such as pests. Weatherstripping is only temporary; over time, you will often have to replace your windows.


Double-hung windows are continuously growing in popularity because of their lasting benefits. If you conclude that double-hung windows are your final choice despite their shortcomings, you can visit Corona, CA, window replacement for the best high-quality windows. Contact the window experts for your next window project.

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