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Norman shutters are more than ordinary. They are custom and handcrafted, with every detail considered along the way. Innovative function and style make these shutters a dramatic part of any space. Built to last and be stunning, there are X shutter designs from which to choose.

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Woodlore® Shutters

These engineered wood shutters are ecofriendly using wood composite for less waste and have a solid wood core. They are coated with a patented polypropylene finish to strengthen them further. The wood composite makes them more heat resistant than traditional shutter materials. They also won’t fade or yellow due to sun exposure. Their robust build also means they won’t crack or stain.

Woodlore® Plus

With wider panels of up to 36”, your view just got better. Woodlore Plus shutters are made with ABS co-polymer offering rugged resistance to the elements. They are ideal for moisture-prone areas like the kitchen or bathroom. They’ll never shrink or warp due to moisture, nor will they chip, crack, or stain. Available in a variety of colors, they can inspire any space. Plus, they are also available in specialty shapes.

Normandy® Shutters

This collection of shutters features distinctive wood grains accented with natural characteristics. Real hardwood from the Paulownia tree make up this premium shutter. Handcrafted with pride, these shutters are hand sanded and finished. Find them in 50 different colors.

PerfectTilt™ Shutters

Meet the gold standard in motorized shutters. Use a remote to tilt as you please with PerfectTilt shutters. These well-designed shutters also keep safety in mind with built-in jam protection. Beautiful and easy to use, these shutters offer so much to any room.

DayNite™ Shutters

Create your own ambiance with these energy-efficient shutters. With a honeycomb shade integrated with shutters, you can dim any room and block out 97% of UV light. Use these anywhere control of light brings more comfort. They’ll also keep rooms cool when down, insulating window openings.

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