Making Your Home Green With Replacement Windows

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July 27, 2020
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Making Your Home Green With Replacement Windows

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There are two ways to make your home green. One, you can paint it the greenest green you can find. Or two, you can look into energy efficiency and make changes that create a more eco-friendly home. If you like the color green, go for the color change. If not, look into replacement windows in Upland, CA, and other options that help you to save the energy within your house. Here are a few ways to meet those goals with new windows.

Get A Good Material

Windows come in a variety of materials, some of which are more energy efficient than others. If you want the best in efficiency, vinyl windows are a great option. Not only are they cost-effective, but they also keep efficiency for the long haul. Even with no maintenance, their efficiency levels will hold up long-term. When you get the best material on the market, you can enhance your home’s efficiency.

Pay Attention To Style

Window styles will have an impact on how much efficiency you get from the windows. Any style on a new window is likely going to be more efficient than what you have now, but there are certain styles that are better than others. Picture or stationary windows that don’t open and close are the most efficient, but you will want some operating windows, too. The most efficient operating window is the casement window. These windows swing open all the way from top to bottom with a hand crank. When they are closed, they blow tighter against the house.

Get Energy Certified Windows

When you see windows that have an Energy Star label on them, that means they have been tested by the Energy Star company, a testing process they don’t have to allow, if they don’t want to. They have, in turn, passed the tests the company has put them through, and they meet certain efficiency levels in your region. That’s a good place to start on getting efficient new windows.

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Look Closely At Labels

Once you take note of the Energy Star labels, you will want to look much more closely at the other label on the windows. These labels tell you all of the efficiency ratings and you will want to learn what they mean so you can compare them to one another and get the highest levels of efficiency you can afford.

Getting replacement windows in Upland, CA can mean a good deal of energy savings for your home. You will want to get windows with a good rating, good material, the best style, and so on. The professionals at J.R. Door & Window Inc can help you meet, or even exceed your energy goals. We’re here to help you line everything up so that after the installation takes place, you’ll be happy with the results. You will save energy and have much lower energy bills, all at the same time. Plus, your home will look great and have a much higher curb appeal, too.

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