Winter Windows: Display Your Festivity

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December 11, 2017
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Winter Windows: Display Your Festivity

You want your home to look festive so you and your neighbors can get into the spirit of the winter season. You might not feel like climbing on the roof and risking life and limb to hang lights or other decorations. But you can certainly reach the windows on the ground floor of your home in Fontana, CA. There are plenty of great window displays that you can enjoy, inside and out. Here are a few ideas for you this winter.

Idea 1: Wreaths
Sometimes, all it takes is a wreath to make the window stand out. You can get something simple like a classic fir wreath, or you can add things to it like lights and ornaments. Some adults even make wreaths themselves out of things like wine corks. The wreaths are great for doors and windows and when you make them on your own, they’re even more special.

Idea 2: Create a Scene
Get out your paper and create a scene in your window. You can make white tree silhouettes, snowflakes, characters, or anything else you want. Use colors or make them all out of white or black to make them stand out against the interior of your home.

Idea 3: 3D Print Something
You don’t have to buy a bunch of statues and figures in order to decorate your windows. Find a friend with a 3D printer and create an illusion in your window. Print out some festive scenes and from the street, no one will ever know they’re just paper.

Idea 4: Frost the Windows
Get a white paint spray and paint snowflakes on the window. Or, paint the whole window except a small circle in the middle to give it a frosty look. Windows don’t often look that way in Fontana, CA, so yours will stand out!

Idea 5: Create Snow
Whether or not you get snow this year, you can have it in your windows. Attach some cotton balls to fishing line and hang them in the windows to make it look like it’s snowing.

Idea 6: Strategically Place the Tree
If you want your tree to show from outside, place it near the window to give a magical appearance from both sides of the glass. After the holidays, there’s no reason not to have a tree in the same location, even without all the decorations. It’s nice to bring nature inside and dress up the windows a bit.

At times, there’s not much you can do to your windows to make them look better. Eventually, replacing the windows is the best you can do. When you need help with a replacement window project, you’re best off calling the experts at J. R. Door & Window Inc at 909-949-9902 for a free consultation. You can also visit us at 615 N Benson Ave, Unit I, Upland, CA 91786 to see the windows we have to offer. We’re happy to show you around or let you browse on your own.

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