Are Gliding Windows Right for You?

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December 4, 2017
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Are Gliding Windows Right for You?

Whether you are looking for something new and different in your home, or you want windows to blend into your existing style, gliding windows can be ideal. They fit in with many different styles and have some key benefits and features that help to make them the right choice over other window styles. Here are just a few reasons to consider gliding windows in Ontario, CA.

Reason 1: They Save Space
Casement windows crank open outward, which can work well in some situations, but they can also block patios or walkways in an inconvenient manner. With gliding windows, you don’t have to worry about taking up any space. The landscaping, decks, walkways and patios are all clear. Plus, gliding windows operate in a horizontal fashion so they are easy to slide open for top to bottom ventilation.

Reason 2: They are Versatile
Like double-hung windows, both sashes on gliding windows can slide. You can open the left side, the right side, or a portion of each to get the most fresh air through the house. They can also come with one stationary sash if that is best for your home.

Reason 3: They Allow in Light
The frames on gliding windows are narrow and contoured, allowing more glass space for viewing and to let in more light. When it comes to an operable window, you won’t have one with more glass space than gliding windows.

Reason 4: They have Style Variety
Gliding windows come in a number of different styles so you can choose what goes best with your home. You can combine them with picture windows, get a certain size for the exact opening you have, and vary them in any other way you please. The different styles ensure that any homeowner can find what they need.

Reason 5: They’re Reliable
Gliding windows have dual monorail systems and weather stripping to give them energy efficiency and weather performance. They are smooth and easy to operate and the tracks are simple to maintain as well. You can even lift gliding windows out of the tracks so you can clean the outside of the glass from inside your home.

Reason 6: They’re Customizable
Like many other windows, gliding windows are easy enough to customize. You can get whatever color you want, different hardware options, grilles, and other things that make the windows unique to your home.

If you are interested in gliding windows, or any other type of windows for that matter, contact the experts at J. R. Door & Window Inc for a free consultation at 909-949-9902. You can also stop by our showroom at 615 N Benson Ave, Unit I, Upland, CA 91786 and take a look at gliding windows and other styles in person. When you are looking for the right windows for your home, we’re here to help. We’ll point out the pros and cons of different styles so you can make an informed decision. We want you to have exactly the right fit in your home!

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