Reading Window Replacement Labels

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Reading Window Replacement Labels

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When you get something in a box that needs to be put together, you might try and put it together yourself, only to fail and go back, dig out the instructions, and follow the step by step process. However, instructions generally come in many different languages. Are you going to try the mandarin translation or the English? You need to read things so you will understand it. When you need replacement windows in Ontario, CA, you might look at the labels and understand that they are important. But even though they are in English, there are a bunch of numbers you don’t understand. It’s as bad as trying to read a foreign language you don’t know! Instead of guessing, here are some details to know.

Energy Performance Numbers

Many of the numbers on the label are going to relate to the energy performance of that window. You need to know how the window will perform in your house to know if you want those windows or if you want something higher in quality and efficiency. The U-factor, for example, is one of the most important numbers to look at. This number shows you the rate of heat loss through that window. The lower the number, the better the window will perform and insulate your home. With the R-value, you want a higher number to get better qualities.

You will also want to look at the SHGC numbers, which are also known as the Solar Heat Gain Coefficients. These numbers show how well a window blocks the heat of the sun. You will want to see a lower number here as well and the numbers are generally between 0 and 1. These ratings are all something to compare on windows, so you know what performance you are getting.

Other Ratings

There are other ratings to take note of as well when you are looking at various options. The Visible Transmittance is a number that shows you how much light transmits through the window. Most people like higher numbers here so they can get more natural light. And there are also condensation resistance measurements that show you how well the window resists condensation on the surfaces inside, which you definitely want.

When you look at a window, first of all, you’ll want to make sure it has an Energy Star label on it. These labels show that the windows have been tested by the Energy Star company, which they do not have to be submitted to do if they don’t want. IF they are submitted and they pass the tests, they are guaranteed to meet a certain level of efficiency. After that, you can compare the rest of the numbers on the label.

If you are working on getting replacement windows in Ontario, CA, the ratings labels on those windows are going to be very important to how the windows perform and how happy you are with that performance. Visit with the professionals at J.R. Door & Window Inc to get the help you need reading labels and comparing options.

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