Choosing The Most Energy Efficient Window Replacements

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Choosing The Most Energy Efficient Window Replacements

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In past years, getting new windows meant choosing the style you wanted and that was about it. But today, there are tons of options and energy efficiency is more important in replacement windows in San Bernardino, CA than ever before. In fact, most people get new windows to raise the level of energy efficiency in their homes overall. When you are in the market for new windows yourself, you might be on a mission to choose the most energy efficient options possible. Here are some of the things you’ll want to pay attention to in order to get what you want.

Frame Material

The most important aspect of your new windows in terms of energy efficiency is the frame material. The frame will seal up against your house and insulate it against whatever’s happening outside to the weather elements. Vinyl is the most popular frame today and it’s also the least expensive. It’s not ‘cheap,’ but rather high in quality in every way. It’s simply easy to manufacture and readily available, which makes it less expensive. If you choose vinyl for your energy efficient windows, you’re on the right track.

The Glass Pack

After the frame material, the glass is the second most important element in the window’s efficiency. You will get double pane glass as a standard, but you can upgrade to triple pane glass in order to get further insulation and a great noise barrier. After that, you can put low-E coatings on the glass to reflect heat back outside and keep UV rays out. You also are able to let light into your house when you want without worrying about the heat of the sun. If you want to take things a step further and even more efficient, think about putting inert gas fillings between the panes of glass for even more insulation.

The Window Style

The style of the windows you choose will also have an impact on efficiency. Picture windows, of course, are the most efficient, because they don’t have any operating parts. After that, casement windows are the most efficient because when they are closed, they blow tightly against the house. Compare window styles against one another to get the most efficient for your home’s style and needs.

The Professional Installation

Once you choose efficient windows, you need to have a professional installation done to make sure they will perform as promised. They may not give you the results you want if you try to install them yourself, or if you let someone who isn’t qualified do the job.

These are just a few of the things to examine when you need replacement windows in San Bernardino, CA and you want the most efficient options possible. Consider even the small things like hardware and other items when you think about efficiency. The professionals at

J.R. Door & Window Inc can help you with every detail to make sure you get all of the efficiency possible out of the process for your home.

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