Foundation Issues And Replacement Windows And Doors

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October 9, 2018
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Foundation Issues And Replacement Windows And Doors

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If you start noticing issues with your windows and doors, you might assume you need Chino, CA replacement windows and doors to fix the problems. While that might be true, window and door issues could be indicating another problem—a foundation issue. If your windows or doors aren’t closing properly or if you see cracks in the corners running outward, it could be the windows and doors…or it could be a foundation issue. With any luck, you can get the foundation problems fixed quickly and easily by a professional. After that’s complete, you may have more work to do on your windows and doors.

Window And Door Inspection After Foundation Repair

Once the foundation repair company ensures that your home is stable, and the foundation is in good form once again, you will have other issues to address. You already noticed that your windows and doors weren’t operating right or found out that your Milgard window and doors need parts replacement. IF the damage is minor, or just aesthetic, you may be able to perform the repairs yourself. Minor repairs include small cracks or missing caulk. As long as the window is secure in the frame and opens and closes nicely, you can take care of repairs on your own.

However, if the window won’t open or close right or rattles in the frame, get the window company on the phone right away. The windows might have to come out while the studs are fixed and then the windows are reinstalled. You could have warranty coverage on your issue if your windows are newer, so check into that. Severe damage could put the windows and doors beyond repair, which means you’ll need replacement windows and doors.

Looking Into Insurance Coverage

Depending on what caused the foundation issue, and your insurance coverage, you might be able to make a claim that could even include replacement windows and doors. The windows covered would have to be directly impacted by foundation failure so make sure you have professionals do an inspection, so you can prove that’s the case. If the foundation issues were caused by your builder, they should cover those repairs as well as replacement windows and doors at their own expense.

When you have foundation repair, you might want many parts of your home inspected to ensure everything is on the level once the foundation is back in good form. You may end up needing advice from window companies to keep your home stable for the future and know how to identify the signs of window parts replacement. If that’s the case, or you want your windows and doors inspected to see if they need repairs, contact J.R. Door & Window Inc at (909) 949-9902. We’re happy to come to your home for a free inspection and consultation so we can talk over your former foundation issues and see if they had an impact on your windows and doors. You can also stop by with your questions. We’re available in our showroom at 615 N Benson Ave Unit I Upland, CA 91786 and we’re here to help.

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