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Which Of A Replacement Window And Door Is Rated The Best?

When you are thinking about replacement windows for your Chino home, you might not have a lot of information to begin with. This is common because the average homeowner may only have to replace the windows and doors once in their lifetime.

Windows will last about 20 years, on average, throughout most homes in the United States. Entry doors can last a lot longer, but they may need to be replaced more frequently depending on the use and abuse that they see.

When you educate yourself about replacement windows and doors, you will be in a better position to make the right decision for your home and family. There are many different types of replacement windows that you can choose for each room in your home. For instance, for home windows, there are doublehung windows, vinyl windows, or wood windows. Moreover, in this article, we are going to try to educate you a little bit about the various options available at this moment.

If you don’t find the exact type of replacement window that you want, you could always choose to go with a custom design as well as a custom size.

When it comes to doors, you will find that there are just as many different types of entry doors to choose from as there are styles of homes throughout Chino. You may be interested in a new front door or patio doors for outside of your home. You could also choose French doors or side doors that make it easier to get in and out when running errands back and forth. There are families also accompanied their doors with a storm door or vinyl siding for durability or aesthetic means. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s go over the various types of replacement windows that you can choose from for your Chino home. You will find that you can choose from a variety, including:

  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Double hung with cut ups
  • Double hung with cut ups and an arched window top
  • Single casement
  • Double casement
  • Circle window
  • Hexagon window
  • Half-moon window
  • Triangle window
  • Picture window
  • Picture window bordered by two casement windows on either side
  • Picture window with double hung windows on either side

What Is The Most Common Type Of A Window?

Some of these windows you will find to be relatively easy to understand. But to help you get the best information and make the right decision for your home, let’s go over the most common window styles that you will find in Chino.

Single hung - A single hung window will generally slide up. The bottom portion of the window is the part that will slide, but some homeowners have installed them upside-down so that they open downward instead.

That is not the proper installation and it could cause significant problems, especially in the rain.

If you have a window that opens by sliding up, but the top half also slides down, then you have what is known as a double hung window.

Double hung - This is similar to the single hung style of windows, but the bottom and top half of the window will both open. This will make it more convenient when you want to allow fresh air into your home. It can also make it easier to maintain.

Most double hung windows allow you to clean both the inside and outside portions of the glass from inside your home. This increases the chances that you are going to keep up with maintenance on these windows.

Single casement - A casement window is one that will open from one side and move outward. Some casement windows open vertically while others will open horizontally. They will usually be opened using a crank handle. Some will have different opening systems, but they will open on a hinge.

Double casement - A double casement is similar to the single casement, but you will have two windows on either side. They may open along the same hinge (such as a hinge on the left side) or they can open in contrast to one another (in opposite directions).

Double hung with cut ups - When you have a double hung window with cut ups, the cut ups will make it appear as though there are smaller windows within the frame. The most common number of cut ups in Chino are 8, 10, or 12.

Double hung with cut ups with an arched window on top - This would be similar to the double hung window with cut ups, but it would have a half-moon or arched window sitting on top of it.

Picture window - A picture window is a stationary window that does not open. It is usually a large pane of glass that is thick and will resemble a painting in a frame, especially if the outside views are exceptional.

Picture window casement windows on either side - This is essentially a picture window with the aforementioned casement windows on either side that allow you to have fresh air moving through the home.

Picture window with double hung windows on either side - Just as with the previous example, double hung windows would bookend the picture window to allow you to open them and have fresh air in your home.

Bay window - A bay window is similar to a picture window, but it will extend out away from the house. There are most commonly three component windows in a bay window. Two of them are angled outward and then along the center would be a picture window between the two. With a bay window, you have an extended shelf that you can add trinkets and knickknacks to improve the appearance of the window.

Bow window - A bow window will have a sort of arc to it. It is similar to the bay and picture windows, but it will appear to have a “bow” appearance.

Circle window - This is a window that is pretty much how it sounds. It will be a circular window and is common for rooms that have higher vaulted ceilings.

Hexagon window - This is similar to a circle window, but it comes in the shape of a hexagon, which is six sided.

Half-moon window - This is a window that is a semicircle. This is ideal for being placed over entry doors or special windows where the homeowner wants a little bit of extra sunlight entering home.

Triangle window - This window is in the shape of a triangle and can be used to complement just about any other style of window.

How to put this information to good use.

The more that you know about replacement windows and doors, the more you will be able to make the right decision for yourself and your family. If you have any questions about particular styles or types of windows, or product lines contact JR Door and Window today. You can call us for inhome consultation for further details with window and door.

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