Window Treatment Layering Over Replacement Windows

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October 11, 2021
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Window Treatment Layering Over Replacement Windows

There are many things you are going to have to do before the installers arrive to put in your replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The installers might give you a list and it will include things like taking down the window treatments. Since those coverings are down, it’s a good time to get new ones or to add layers to the windows, if you so choose. Layering your window treatments over the windows can help them to be even more efficient and operational than they would have been otherwise. Here are a few tips that can help you with that process.

Choosing A Base Layer

The base layer is what goes over your window first. It will show the most from outside of the home since there might be another layer that covers it up inside. Think about something that will complement the window colors on the exterior of your home as well as serve purposes inside. You might want insulation, light filtering, and other things for certain rooms of your house. Consider sheer curtains that filter light, but allow it through, when you have other curtains open. Or, you could get something simple like blinds that you can cover with something more decorative inside.

Window Size And Shape Matters

The larger your windows are, the larger you will need the window coverings to be. If you have a unique shape on the windows, but still want coverings, you are going to have to figure out what might work for that shape. The window size is another consideration and certain treatments will work better over certain window sizes. The window professionals can help you understand what might work best for each window size and style.

Choosing A Top Layer

Once you have a bottom layer in mind, you will have to choose something to go over it. You will want to consider how this layer looks on the inside of your house because it will show the most from that side. Curtains, for example, should go along with the colors in the room. Shades need to be the right style. There are plenty of options to consider. Make sure you are able to get the right functions, too.

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Remember The Budget

You likely had a budget for your replacement windows and you can also put cost parameters into place for window treatments. The budget you have in place will help you to decide what you can get for both layers of the window coverings. Let the professionals in on what you have in mind and you can get their advice as to what will fit your home as well as your budget.

When you are working on getting replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, let the experts at J.R. Window & Door Inc help you with what you need for your home. Then, once the windows are installed, you might take that opportunity with the treatments already down, to get new coverings as well. Layering them might help you further the functions you want from your windows.

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