What Are the Cons of Fiberglass Windows

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What Are the Cons of Fiberglass Windows

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Fiberglass windows are a permanent fixture in many homes. Though they’re often praised for their low maintenance and durability, there are some downsides to fiberglass door window replacement Corona, CA that you may not have considered. Here are 7 of them.

1. They’re Expensive

Fiberglass windows can cost up to twice as much as traditional wood windows. They are expensive because they are made with a special type of glass designed to be strong and durable.

This type of glass is more expensive to produce, so it costs more to the consumer. Additionally, fiberglass windows are often treated with a sealant that makes them water and weather-resistant, which also adds to the cost.

2. They Can Be Susceptible to Moisture Damage

Though fiberglass windows are weather-resistant, they can still be damaged by moisture if they’re not properly sealed. Fiberglass is a porous material that can absorb moisture from the air. If too much moisture builds up inside the window, it can lead to warping, condensation, and other forms of damage. Over time, this moisture damage can cause the window frames to warp and degrade.

3. They Require More Maintenance Than Other Types of Windows

Fiberglass windows require more maintenance than other types of windows. They need regular cleaning and sealing to prevent moisture damage. If you don’t maintain them properly, they may only last for 10-15 years before needing replacement.

4. They Can Crack or Shatter Unexpectedly

Fiberglass windows can crack or shatter unexpectedly, posing a safety hazard. One reason is that fiberglass is a brittle material that can break when subject to sudden impacts.

Additionally, the manufacturing process for fiberglass windows is not as precise as for other types of windows, so there can be weak spots in the glass that are more susceptible to breaking.

If you have fiberglass windows in your home, you may want to install window film or impact-resistant glass to help reduce the risk of shattering. You should also avoid storing heavy objects near windows and be sure to repair any cracks or chips promptly to prevent the problem from getting worse.

5. They Don’t Have the Same Aesthetic Appeal as Wood Windows

Aesthetics is one area where fiberglass windows fall short compared to wood windows. Fiberglass windows have a smooth, uniform surface that can look artificial or out of place in a traditional home.

On the other hand, wood windows have a natural grain that can add warmth and character to a space. In addition, wood windows can be stained or painted to match the trim or siding of your home, making them more versatile than fiberglass windows.

6. They Conduct Heat Poorly

Heat escapes through drafty places like gaps in your window frames. But fiberglass is an especially good conductor of heat, which means it won’t do much to keep your home warm in the winter.

replacement windows in Corona CA 1 300x2197. They Attract Dust and Debris

Because fiberglass is smooth and non-porous, it attracts dust and debris more than other materials like wood or vinyl. It means you’ll have to clean your windows more frequently if you want them to stay looking clean and streak-free.


You may not have considered some downsides to owning fiberglass windows. But despite their disadvantages, fiberglass windows remain a popular choice among homeowners. Considering installing Corona, CA replacement windows, weigh the pros and cons carefully before making your final decision.

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