Signs That Your Friend Didn’t Install Your Replacement Windows Well

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Signs That Your Friend Didn’t Install Your Replacement Windows Well

replacement windows in Claremont, CA

When you look into replacement windows in Claremont, CA, you might be dismayed by the costs of the products you want and need for your house. In order to get what you want, you may skimp on the end of the process—the installation. This is never a good idea, but if you had a friend, family member, or someone else does the job for a lower price, you need to know the signs that things didn’t go well. Here are a few signs that your replacement windows weren’t installed correctly.

The Windows Aren’t Level

Take a good look at your windows. If you can see that they aren’t straight, or if you set something on them and see it leaning, then the windows aren’t level and that’s just not a good thing. Windows need to be completely level and any professional will know how to do that. If you don’t have a professional on the job, you never know what the windows will end up like where level-ness is concerned.

You See Cracks In The Caulk Already

Once the windows are installed, the installer will caulk around the windows to ensure there are no air leaks. If you notice that the caulking is already cracking (something that should only happen over time with wear and tear), then the installation job is poor and you aren’t going to get the results you want from your new windows.

Windows Won’t Open And Close With Ease

When you have new windows installed, all of their parts are brand new and they should open and close with very little effort. You might remember playing around with them in the showroom and they opened with ease and closed just as easily. Once they’re in your house, they should open and close just as easily. IF they don’t, there was a problem with the installation.

You Still Feel Air Drafts

One of the reasons you likely got new windows installed in the first place is because you had air drafts and leaks in your house that were killing your energy efficiency. Once the new windows go in, all of that should be sealed up. If you have drafts in your house even after the installation, that’s not a good thing. The installation must not have gone right because there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the windows since they’re brand new.replacement windows in Claremont CA 300x215

Water Leaks In When It Rains

Once the windows are put in, you eventually will face your first rainfall. It should be no big deal, but if your windows leak rain around them and into the house, that’s a huge deal. The installation went awry and you need to address that before more damage is done.

Getting replacement windows in Claremont, CA is an investment and you are going to want to finish that project off with the right professional installers. Nothing but professionals will do to ensure that the job is done right and your windows are going to keep their warranty intact.

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