Showing Your Replacement Windows To Friends

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Showing Your Replacement Windows To Friends

While any friends that come to your house will likely notice replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA that you have had installed, not everyone will take a keen interest in the process. But if there is someone in your life that is considering the project themselves, they might be keener to hear more about the windows, their installation, and other such things. Here are a few of the things you will want to show to them and point out about the process and the windows you choose.

Any Upgrades And Their Benefits

While standard windows are very high in quality and can help you get the results you want, it’s nice to point out any upgrades you put on your windows to your friend along with the benefits they bring along with them. Your friend might notice how comfortable your home is and, in part, that is because of the upgrades you chose. You can tell them that you picked having low-E glass installed, which blocks the heat of the sun, but lets the light through. That way, they don’t expect to get the results you have if they go with standard glass. Letting them in on the secrets of the upgrades can help them figure out what they want later.

Tell Them About Ratings Labels

You might have some of the ratings labels saved from your windows and you can show that to your friend. They will be interested to know what those ratings mean so they can compare them to other windows and figure out what is right for their own home. Ratings labels can look very foreign to someone who doesn’t know what they are trying to tell customers. Go over what you learned and let them in on the secrets those labels are trying to share.

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Talk About Style

There are many different window styles on the market and you have chosen the style you got for a reason. Talk about the casement windows and how they swing out, catching the breeze and bringing more air into the home. They also allow you a better view of what’s outside and you liked that about them. Or, if you have double hung windows, show your friend how they tilt into the house so you can clean the exterior glass from inside and how you feel safer with kids and pets around since you can open the top part and leave the bottom part closed.

There are lots of things you will want to show off and talk about in regards to your replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA when a friend comes over and they are considering the project for their own home. If you tell them everything you can think of, and they still want to know more, direct them to the professionals at J.R. Door & Window Inc for a free consultation. You can get everything you need from them, and so can your friend when they are ready to move ahead with the process.

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