Replacing Some Or All Windows?

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Replacing Some Or All Windows?

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Perhaps you live in an older home and you know all of the windows are originals. That means they have decades of use on them. While windows can last for a long time, they aren’t meant to last forever and at some point, you are going to need San Bernardino, CA replacement windows. As the homeowner in charge of the project, you get to decide when you get the windows, what windows you get, and everything else involved with the project. You probably recognize that it’s an investment and you might wonder about replacing windows in one room now, windows in another room next year, and windows in a third area down the road. While you can decide to replace the windows however you want, it is to your advantage to replace them all at once, if at all possible. Here are a few reasons why that is the case.

Streamline Appearance

Windows change with time. If you put today’s windows next to windows that were created by the same manufacturer even five years ago, you might see differences. Technology allows the frames to be smaller now, for example, so the glass space is larger. There are other changes as well. If you get some windows now and replace others down the road, there’s really no guarantee that you will be able to get the exact same windows. That could leave your home looking mismatched and a bit of a hodge podge. You are better off getting all of the windows at once so they match and streamline your home’s look.

Pay Less Per Window

If you look at the bottom line of getting a few windows now versus the bottom line of getting all of the windows now, of course getting a few is going to be less costly. However, if you were to add up all of those little window projects and compare the completed bottom line to the bottom line of getting them all at once, you will pay less per window if you get them all at the same time. The manufacturer is going to give you a break on those windows if you get them all at once because they like it when people buy in bulk. While the cost upfront is an investment, it’s actually lower overall than doing things a little at a time.

San Bernardino CA replacement windows 3 300x228Only One Installation

If you get a few windows now, you have to have them installed. That installation will have to take place each and every time you add more windows to the ‘new’ pile on your home. When you get all of the windows at once, they are all installed at once—within a day or two—and you’re done. You have the one installation fee and the one interruption to your life for that installation.

The Efficiency Results

Even replacing a few windows is going to raise the efficiency of your home, but when you still have other windows that are leaking air, the results will be limited. If instead, you get all of your San Bernardino, CA replacement windows, your efficiency results will be immediate and large. Contact us today for your next window project.

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