Replacement Windows for Old Wood Models

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November 12, 2018
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November 26, 2018
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Replacement Windows for Old Wood Models

Do you have older, wood windows on your house? It might be time for Claremont, CA replacement windows to take care of any issues they have. First, take a look at the wood windows and see if they are failing. What indicates failure? Several items:

If your windows have gaps around them that let in drafts of air or even pests and insects, they are failing fast. If the windows aren’t very sound proof, they aren’t doing your home any service. If the window frames are rotting or the sashes are stuck, they are in serious trouble. If any part of the window is broken or you just want more energy efficiency, it’s time to look into replacement windows.

When you are starting to look into your options, you might automatically think that since you had wood windows, you will get wood windows again. It’s best to think about the pros and cons of what you have to see if you really want the same thing again.

Cons Of Wood Replacement Windows

The biggest downside of wood windows is that they take a lot of maintenance. Perhaps you are used to that since you already had wood windows. But you might not know if you don’t paint or treat them every year or two, they start to lose their efficiency and their beauty. If you don’t like the maintenance, you might want to move on to vinyl replacement windows. Wood windows also cost more than other options. If you are on a budget for the replacement process, vinyl is often the better option.

Pros Of Wood Windows

The biggest reason to get wood windows is for their beauty. There’s really nothing else like them and for older, historic homes, they help to maintain the home’s character and appearance. Vinyl windows might not be the right style to give the home a classic look and feel. They also boost home value, which means you’ll get much of the money you invest into them back when you sell the home. And wood windows are a good sustainable environmental choice.

What’s right for your home? You have wood now, but do you want to continue down that path in the future or is it best to make a switch while you are getting replacement windows in Claremont, CA anyway? The answer isn’t always easy and only you can figure it out. But the professionals at J.R. Door & Window Inc are here to help. Give us a call at (909) 949-9902 and we’ll set you up with a free consultation. We’ll go over more pros and cons of wood and vinyl windows and compare the details with you until you are able to move forward confidently with the decision you make. We don’t pressure you into anything or obligate you to anything, either. Stop by and see us in person to check out windows we offer in our showroom at 615 N Benson Ave Unit I Upland, CA 91786. We’re here to answer your questions.

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