Recognizing Safety in New Windows for Your Fontana, CA Home

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June 18, 2018
Recognizing Safety in New Windows for Your Upland, CA Home
July 7, 2018
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Recognizing Safety in New Windows for Your Fontana, CA Home

New windows are going to benefit your home in a number of ways and when you are looking into your options, that might excite you. Not only will you get better aesthetics and higher energy efficiency, but you will also get a new level of safety on your Fontana, CA home. How are your new windows going to keep your home safe? Here are just a few ways.

1-Stronger Glass
When you have old windows, you might only have one pane of glass. That’s easy to shatter, right? But with new windows, you have double or even triple pane glass, which is harder to break. If something hits the glass on accident, like a ball from the neighbor kids, you’re a lot less likely to have a mess to clean up and a repair to deal with. Plus, broken glass is dangerous to bare feet and even hands that are cleaning it up!

2-Harder Locks
New windows have new locking technology, which is even harder to break through than old locks. Casement windows, especially, have their locks embedded in the frame. While no window is impossible to breach, the locks are way harder to force through now than they ever have been before.

3-Outstanding Durability
Windows are raising their game when it comes to technology and they are more durable now than they were in past years around Fontana, CA. You can count on your windows in inclement weather, strong winds, and everyday living. You’ll get durable windows that will keep your home safe from rain, storms, and anything else Mother Nature has to test them with.

4-Lower Utility Bills
Your windows will even protect your budget against raising energy prices! When you get energy efficient windows, your energy bills will lower instead of raise. That will protect your monthly income and allow you to spend money on things you really want and need instead of wasting it on air leaking from your home.

5-Better Views
You might not even notice, but old windows can fog up and be hard to see through. New windows will protect your beautiful views and allow you to see them for what they really are once again.

Windows do a lot more than you think and when you want something that can truly protection your home, you’ll look into replacements in Fontana, CA sooner rather than later. When the time comes, contact the professionals at J. R. Door & Window Inc by calling 909-949-9902. We can give you a free consultation with no obligation and help you walk through everything new windows can do for your home. It’s all about safety in today’s society and we’ll keep your home and family as safe as possible inside your house. You’ll have greater peace of mind with all this standing between you and the outside world. For more details, you can check windows Fontana, CA. Stop by and see us at 615 N Benson Ave, Unit I, Upland, CA 91786. We’ll show you around our showroom and explain the details of window safety in person!

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