Matching Windows To Existing Home Styles

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Matching Windows To Existing Home Styles

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Your home has style, whether it was something you put together yourself or something that came along with the house when you bought it. When you get replacement windows in Ontario, CA, you might be worried about the existing style on your home. Will the new windows throw things off? Not necessarily. If you approach things the right way, you can get just what you want to blend into the style of your home. Here are a few things to consider.

Architectural Style

The first thing you will want to consider is the outside of your home and how new windows will look there. You don’t want to get something that’s going to clash with the architecture of the home. You don’t, for example, want a modern look on an old Victorian house, right? So take your home’s style into consideration as you look at styles on the windows.

Home Colors Outside

You will want to consider the color of your new windows with great care, especially if you get vinyl. You can’t paint vinyl later, so you want the color to look just right. Not only do you want to think about what goes with the house now, but what about later? Are you going to paint it someday and regret the window color then? Many people pick neutral colors for just that reason. They choose white, which goes with anything, or black, which goes with any light color for a contrast. That doesn’t have to be the avenue you take, of course.

Interior Hardware

The hardware shows a great deal more inside than it does outside. As you think about the windows and what you want from their style, think about the hardware as the jewelry and finishing touch to them. If you have doorknobs in brass, maybe you want the windows to have hardware that matches. You could also match knobs in the kitchen or just get the same color as the windows to allow the hardware a seamless, blended in look.

These are a few of the things you will consider as you attempt to get new windows to match the style of your home. Windows can make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels and you want something that will enhance what you already have, not take away from it. This process isn’t something just anyone feels they can do alone and that’s okay. There are professionals who can help.

If you’re looking into replacement windows in Ontario, CA, contact the experts at J.R. Door & Window Inc by calling (909) 949-9902. We can start by asking a few questions by phone and you can ask questions of us as well. You can also visit us in our showroom at 615 N Benson Ave Unit I Upland, CA 91786 where we can show you around and point out different options. Once we get to know you, your home, and your preferences, we can make recommendations that might work well for your purposes.

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