Making Changes In Every Room

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Making Changes In Every Room

You might not really think you are unhappy with your house until you start to look into the changes you could make when you have to get replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. There are lots of options and you could even make changes in each room of the house to make it look and feel better. Functionality is important, too, so you will want to consider how things function now and how you want them to function as you move forward. Here are some options for making changes to each room of the house.

Switching Casement For Double Hung In The Second Story Bedroom

If you have casement windows on the second story of the house in the bedrooms, they are nice and bring in lots of light and ventilation. But they can also be a danger if you have pets and kids. They open wide and it can cause accidents to occur. If you want to keep things safer in your home, even when the windows are open, double hung windows might be a good match. These windows open from the bottom down and the top-up. You can leave the bottom closed and open the top so you get air, but don’t cause anyone to possibly fall.

Switching From Double Hung To Casement In The Kitchen

If you have a window over your kitchen sink, that’s a good place to have a view and get a little air. But double hung windows can be hard to open. You have to lean way over the sink and you’re always getting your shirt wet when you do so. Having a casement window there instead gives you a better view. Plus, you can easily crank the window open when you want fresh air without leaning over the sink.

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Switching A Window Bank To Bay Or Bay Windows In The Family Room

The family room is a much-used space and if you want the room to be impressive, take out that bank of windows you have now and put it in a bay or bow window. These windows jut out of the house and add architectural interest both inside and out. They are known for bringing in a great deal of light and they give you more space in the room, too. They are also highly valuable so they will raise the value of your home even more than the new windows do overall.

There are other changes you can make to the house and while you can leave things the same, there’s also nothing wrong with getting something new in every room when you arrange for replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. You have the opportunity to do whatever you’d like and the professionals at J.R. Door & Window Inc can help you work through the process room by room. Let’s start with a free consultation and we can talk about your budget and the changes you want to make from there. Give us a call, with no obligations and no pressure.

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