How Do You Keep Your Windows From Fogging Up?

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How Do You Keep Your Windows From Fogging Up?

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Everyone gets some moisture on their windows every now and then, but if you notice your windows getting foggy all the time, it could signal bigger problems. Over time, this could cause problems with mold growth, leaks, and floor stains. The sooner you resolve this issue, the better. A proactive approach is cheaper and less time-consuming in the long run. Most of the time, you can do it yourself, but sometimes you’ll need to call in professionals from San Bernardino, CA replacement windows to get the job done.

1. Identify the Source of the Humidity

Is the fog on the outside or inside of the glass? A buildup of condensation on the exterior means the temperature outside is lower than the temperature in your home. Fog on the inside of the window means the temperature inside the home is lower than the temperature outside the home. If the fog is in between the two panes of glass, then you’ve got a problem with your insulation.

2. Replace Your Windows

One or both of the seals in double pane windows may break or wear down over time, usually due to aging and the breakdown of components. Improper drainage and water retention around the window may also lead to broken down seals. This lack of insulation causes moisture to form in the space between. In such cases, the most expedient thing to do is get a window replacement.

3. Check Your Plumbing

A less common and frequently overlooked cause of foggy windows is plumbing issues. If you notice any problems, fix them right away. Leaks can cause condensation to build up in unexpected places, manifesting as fog on your windows. Placing desiccants in strategic areas can also help mitigate dampness issues.

4. Adjust the Thermostat

Raising or lowering the temperature inside the home can work as a quick remedy to foggy windows caused by differences in climate. Keeping your heat set to the daytime temperature overnight will help prevent the windows from fogging up in the morning. You may also want to invest in a dehumidifier.

replacement windows in San Bernardino CA 300x2005. Switch on the Fans

Switching on the fans and opening the curtains increases the circulation of warm air, helping condensation evaporate faster around windows. If your home is especially humid, you may want to consider installing a ventilator to suck out moist air. Any air intake systems in the home should get unblocked as well.


If you have foggy windows, San Bernardino, CA replacement windows can run through the list of possibilities to narrow down the cause. Sometimes it’s just the weather in your area, other times, it’s caused by worn-out or damaged seals. To avoid permanent damage to the interior of your home, always try to address foggy windows as quickly as possible.

Excess moisture weakens the structural integrity of windows and can lead to the growth of mold or the rotting of furniture over time. Fixing this problem promptly could mean the difference between a comfortable, warm home, and hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

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