Hacienda Heights, CA Appreciates Efficient Energy Star Windows

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Hacienda Heights, CA Appreciates Efficient Energy Star Windows

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If you need new windows in Hacienda Heights, CA, a few things will start to stand out to you as you begin your search. First, you will notice different material types for windows and you may already know you want vinyl windows or another type. Second, as you look more closely at the window options, you will notice that they all have labels. Some of them carry an Energy Star sticker and others don’t. In Hacienda Heights, CA, that Energy Star Certification is very important. What’s it all about?

Energy Star is an EPA or Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. that helps homes and businesses save money and become greener through energy efficient products. Energy Star works with windows and doors, but you will see the labels on appliances and other items as well. The main way Energy Star helps homeowners out is by testing and rating the different products to ensure they will work well in Hacienda Heights, CA. The tests are based on the location and climate in this region, so you don’t have to worry about the windows that are good in the frigid north appearing with a label here in California. Manufacturers don’t have to submit to Energy Star testing, but it is helpful to their status if they have the label.

How Are Energy Star Windows Rated?

Windows that get the Energy Star label have to go through certain tests and receive certain ratings. They have to be manufactured by an Energy Star partner, first of all, and then they have to meet the guidelines based on NFRC ratings. They go through independent testing before they get the coveted label. You can rest assured that while there aren’t specific construction designations that the windows have to be high in quality to meet the rating requirements.

The Differences In Climates

Of course, the climate in Hacienda Heights, CA is different than that in Minneapolis, MN. In order to combat the different climates, Energy Star breaks the country down into climate zones so you can find the windows with the best properties for your zone. The recommendations vary based on the location so when you are looking at windows in Hacienda Heights, the Energy Star label is on windows that are good for this region.

If you are in the market for new Hacienda Heights, CA windows, there will be a lot of different qualities you will want in the windows you choose. But a good place to start is by looking for that Energy Star Label. Windows with that label are energy efficiency and high in quality. Once you find several options with the Energy Star certification, you can go on to compare them more closely and choose the best option for your home. If you need help looking for Hacienda Heights, CA windows, contact J. R. Door & Window Inc at (909) 949-9902 for a free consultation or come by and visit us at 615 N Benson Ave, Unit I, Upland, CA 91786.

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