Give Yourself and Your Home a Break with New Windows

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January 1, 2018
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January 15, 2018
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Give Yourself and Your Home a Break with New Windows

You know what it’s like to take a break after a long day of work. You come home, collapse on your couch, put your feet up, and relax. There are certain things in your home that help you have that break you need. Did you ever stop to think that your windows could be one of those things? Well, they can! Older windows often cause a lot of work and stress, but new windows can take all that away. Here are a few ways new windows in Ontario, CA can give you (and your home!) a break.

Forget About Maintenance
You might quickly notice that new windows will take window maintenance off your to-do list. When you get vinyl windows, there are no more painting projects to keep them looking nice. You also won’t have color scraping off that you have to repair. The maintenance issues are, well, out the window and you can give yourself more break time instead of more chore time.

Cut Back Those Bills
Most people love seeing a break on their bills. Who doesn’t want lower monthly bills? And when you get your first utility bill after you have new windows installed, you’ll see the break right away. And the best news is that those breaks will continue for the long haul. Your utility bills will stay nice and low and you’ll be even more comfortable inside too.

Drafts and Temperature Fluctuations
Speaking of comfort, your new windows will cut down on (or eliminate completely!) those nasty drafts in your house. That’ll make it easier for you to keep the temperature at a comfortable, normal range. There won’t be hot and cold spots in the house. Everything will be nice and even, give your sweater a break from going on and off all the time!

HVAC System Slow Down
When you have drafty windows, a lot of your cooled and heated air goes out those cracks and gaps. That means your HVAC system has to work longer and harder to get you the air you need to keep your home somewhat comfortable. When you have new windows, you’ll have air trapped in your home where you need it. The HVAC system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard for you. That translates into energy savings, but it also gives that important unit a longer lifespan since it gets to rest more as well.

You deserve breaks in your life after long, hard days at work. When it comes to your windows, they are an important part of your home, but they shouldn’t be a nuisance to you. Contact J.R. Door & Window Inc for help in finding the windows that will give you the break you want and need. Call us at 909-949-9902 or visit our showroom to take a look at options. We’re located at 615 N Benson Ave, Unit I, Upland, CA 91786 We’re ready to give your old windows a break so you and your home can enjoy one as well!

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