Getting Replacement Windows Safely During This Time

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August 17, 2020
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September 7, 2020
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Getting Replacement Windows Safely During This Time

replacement windows in Upland, CA

If you need replacement windows in Upland, CA, it’s best to get them sooner rather than later. But nerves are high right now about being around people you don’t know—and even people you do know, at times. Once you choose your new windows, you’ll have to have installers in your house. You don’t have to worry about that with J.R. Door & Window Inc. We have your safety in mind at all times. Here are a few things we will do to ensure everyone’s safety during this strange time in history.

Socially Distant Installers

Installers understand that a good amount of distance between them and anyone in your house is best. They will need to work inside and outside of your home, but whenever you or another family member is around, they will keep their distance. They don’t have to stand close to talk to you about the project or even to show you things. They will keep that space in mind at all times to allow everyone the safe room they need.

Gloves And Sanitizing

Installers wear gloves, usually to protect their hands from the things they are working with, but now, also to protect them and you from transferring any germs. The gloves are cleaned between houses on a regular basis. They also aren’t going to go around and touch a bunch of other surfaces in your home. They will concentrate on the windows and the windows only. When they take a break for lunch or for whatever other reason, they will sanitize their hands before they go back to work.

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Sick Days Are Required

If installers are feeling under the weather in any way, they are required to stay home and away from families who are healthy and don’t want their illnesses. This has always been the policy, but it is even more important in today’s current society. This is to keep other workers safe as well as all of the homeowners and customers who are inviting installers into their homes.

There are reasons why homeowners are jumpy about having homeowners in their house regularly, but it’s even more common for people to have issues with installers today because of the virus running around the country. If you really need new windows, you should get them now without waiting too much longer. After all, no one knows how much longer this whole thing will go on.

If you need replacement windows in Upland, CA, you don’t have to worry about how your installers will act towards your family and your home. We will be as responsible and careful as we can with everything in your home, including the people. Give J.R. Door & Window Inc and ask about our policies during this time and we’ll go over them with you step by step. We want you to feel confident about the entire process, start to finish, including the installation. Once your new windows are in, you won’t regret moving forward with the process.

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