Coloring Options For Replacement Windows

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April 19, 2021
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Coloring Options For Replacement Windows

When you are in the market for replacement windows in Claremont, CA, the easiest thing to do is get windows that are similar to what you have now, only new and energy efficient. However, it’s also your chance to make any changes you might want to make, including color options for the frames. If you want to make a color change, here are some ideas and options that professionals recommend considering for different home colors.

For White Homes

White houses are great because they can go well with any color you want on the window frames. A streamlined look would include white frames. That’s always a classic. You can paint the house in the future and the white frames still look nice. But on a white house, you might feel like white frames are a little too much of one color. It’s very popular for homeowners to go with black when they have a white house or another light color. Black gives the home a lovely contrast and allows the windows to really stand out. Modern homes look great with that kind of contrast on it.

For Tan Homes

Tan is a very popular color for homes today and it goes with a lot of different window colors. Again, white is always going to be a great option because it will go with tan and anything else you might want to paint in the future. But another great idea for a tan is to pick something in the same tone, only darker. You get a contrast as you do with black and white, but you have the same color tone. You can also get the same color of tan to segue your windows and siding together for one cohesive look and that can be very smooth, too.

For Gray Homes

Gray homes are perfect for both the white and the black classic colors. They get a contrast with either, depending on the tone of gray. You can also go with a darker or lighter gray for that contrast to be a bit more muted. Gray homes can also take a variety of unique colors, though you may want to watch yourself doing something too trendy that might go out of style too fast in the future.

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For Dark Brown Homes

Once again, white always works. But dark brown homes can look very nice with lighter brown windows to highlight the difference between the siding and the windows. You just want to make sure you get a color you will be happy with in the future if you happen to paint the siding.

There are lots of other options when you are looking at colors for your replacement windows in Claremont, CA, and the professionals at J.R. Door & Window Inc can tell you about the current trends as well as the classics that will never go out of style. We want you to love the look of your new windows as well as the other results you get from the project.

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