Changing Up The Living Room With Replacement Windows

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June 28, 2021
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July 12, 2021
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Changing Up The Living Room With Replacement Windows

Getting replacement windows in Claremont, CA means you are going to have more efficiency and comfort all over your house. But it’s also an opportunity to make changes in certain areas. You can get larger windows that let in more light, add windows, or change the style, among other things. The living room is the room in your house where you likely spend the most time with your family and it might be the space you entertain friends, too. You may want to make a change in that area to make things look and feel even better with new windows. Here are a few things to consider.

Put in A Bay Or Bow Window

Many living rooms have a bank of windows along a wall and instead of replacing those with something similar, you could take them out and put them in a bay or bow window instead. These windows jut out of the home and allow you more space in the room, which is something anyone can use in a family room. They also bring in tons of natural light and become a beautiful focal point in the room. You get the view of the outside as well, which might be a great thing if you have a nice view. These windows are highly valuable as well and act as a nice reading nook or game area for your family.

Add A Picture Window And More

You can take that same window bank out and put in a picture window so you get more light and a better view, too. But you have to remember picture windows don’t open and close so you might also want to add operational windows around the picture window. That will give you even more light as well as a chance to ventilate the space on a nice day.

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Place Windows Above Or Below

If you have a bank of windows and you want to leave that alone, but you do want more light and options in the room, add some windows around it. Leave the double hung or casement windows as they are (only replace them with new ones) and add a decorative, unique shaped window above the window bank. You could also add some stationary windows to the sides to add more light or make them operational for more fresh air.

When you get replacement windows in Claremont, CA, there are options for changing your home in unique ways to make it stand out. You will enjoy the results all that much more if you make changes that you’ve always wanted. If you especially want to make changes to the living room, the professionals at J.R. Door & Window Inc are here to help with that. Let’s have a free consultation and you can invite us over to your home to assess your current windows alongside your goals and budget. We can offer ideas and suggestions that might help you meet those goals in the living area and make the changes you want.

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