Are Your Windows Impossible To Open?

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Are Your Windows Impossible To Open?

There are certain issues that might arise with your home over the years that tell you it’s time to take on certain maintenance projects. You might know that replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA are in order when your energy bills are through the roof and you feel a draft. But what about when your windows will no longer open? Should you replace them then? Most likely, yes, but there are other things you will want to rule out before you jump ahead to that project. Here are a few to consider.

Foundation Issues

If your foundation has shifted, it could cause the windows to shift as well, and not in a good way. If the windows are tilted on their tracks because of the foundation, you have some serious concerns, but not with the windows themselves. If you notice any foundation issues, have that checked out as soon as possible and then address any problems it has caused along the way.


Windows aren’t something you think a lot about over the years, especially if they are working okay. But once they stop working how you want them to, you suddenly pay attention to them. If you know your windows have been neglected over the years, try giving them and their track and opening apparatus a thorough cleaning and possibly some lubrication. That might get things started in the right direction for a smoother opening.

Consider The Paint Job

Painting the windows might be something you have done in the past and now, the windows won’t open. Painting a window seems easy, but it’s also easy enough to paint the windows closed. Try to separate the windows, perhaps with a knife or puddy tool. If you are able to loosen things up, you may be able to open them again.

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Have Professionals Look At Options

If you’ve tried a few things and still aren’t sure why the windows won’t open and close, have window professionals come to your house and take a look. They might have some repair ideas and they might be able to get the windows to open and close themselves with their specialized tools. They can also tell you if the windows need to be replaced. It’s possible that the windows are old and warped, which means they aren’t going to slide open and closed any longer.

Get Replacement Windows

If there’s nothing you can do to get the windows to open, or if they are too old to even bother with repairs, replacement windows might be in order. If there’s one thing you can guarantee about any replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, (as long as they are properly installed), it’s that they are going to open with ease. When you are ready to look into the options, or if you want to have a free consultation to get more details, call J. R. Door & Window Inc. We won’t tell you to get replacements unless that’s what we really feel is best for your home.

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