Are Single or Double-Hung Windows Best for My Home?

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May 21, 2018
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Are Single or Double-Hung Windows Best for My Home?

Your windows in Fontana, CA are going to need to be replaced someday. With any luck, you’ve had them and enjoyed them for years and years. But when that time comes, you have a lot of decisions to make. It can be simple. If you enjoy what you have, you can get the same style, only new and technologically improved. But if you are looking for new windows, now’s the time to make any changes you might want in order to adjust the look and feel of your home. Let’s take a look at single and double-hung windows to see which might be best for your home.

Traditional Windows
Single and double-hung windows are both traditional and very popular. They look the same, but with single-hung windows, only the bottom sash is operable while with double-hung, you can open the top or bottom sash. Homeowners like these windows because they are easy to clean—from inside the house!

Which Windows Are Better?
Neither of the options are better than the other…the question is, which windows are better for your home? Homeowners often like they in kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms. They provide natural light, great views, and even good ventilation. Here are some of the pros and cons of single and double-hung windows to help you tell them apart.

Both single and double-hung windows are affordable when you compare them to other styles. They are a good mid-range window. Of course, double-hung windows will cost slightly more because they are operable on both ends.

Since the windows look the same, they work with the same architectural styles. And since they are traditional and classic, they go with pretty much everything. You can get them in a variety of colors, materials, and even shapes so it’s easy enough to find a good match for your house.

These windows are definitely the easiest to clean because you can tilt them in the clean the exterior glass surface from inside the house This is especially nice when you have them on a second story of the house.

These windows work well for ventilation, but double-hung takes the prize in that area. You can open the top and bottom of the window and have air circulation, but with single-hung, you only get one portion to open.

Energy Efficiency
Single-hung is slightly better for energy efficiency because it doesn’t have as many moving parts. You can also do things like weather stripping around the windows to ensure the highest level of efficiency possible.

So, what do you think? Are single or double-hung windows right for your home? Or, hey, you can mix it up and get a little of each! Contact J. R. Door & Window Inc at 909-949-9902 and we’ll talk through the basics with you to help you make an informed decision. For more details, you can check windows Fontana, CA. Stop by and see our showroom at 615 N Benson Ave, Unit I, Upland, CA 91786.

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