Adding Light To The Home

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January 17, 2022
window replacements in Upland, CA
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February 7, 2022
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Adding Light To The Home

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Natural lighting is huge in any home and if you want your house to have more, there are lots of ways you can meet those goals. One way to improve the home as a whole and add more light is to get replacement windows in Claremont, CA, but there are other things you can do instead or items you can couple with that process to get as much light in the room as possible, whether it’s natural or artificial or a little of each.

Puts Lights Into The Ceiling Fans

If you have a ceiling fan, it’s a great way to circulate the air in your home in the winter and summer months. But you can add light to the space as well with a ceiling fan that also has lights. The room might be dark in the center because there is no light where the fan is present. Look for a new fan option that has lights as well as fan blades. Or, you might be able to add lights to your existing fan if that’s an option you would like to look into.

Check Bulb Wattage

Most lighting fixtures take bulbs up to a certain wattage. Are the bulbs you have in place as high as they can go in wattage? Take a look and you might be able to get more light into the house just by switching to bulbs with the maximum amount of wattage from each fixture.

Consider Track Lighting

Track lighting is popular and there are many reasons for that. One reason is the amount of lighting it brings to a room. If there’s a dark corner, you point light in that direction. You can balance the light out in certain areas and that can help you to get the light you need in the right areas of the space.


replacement windows in Claremont CA 6 300x225Change Window Coverings

How much light does your window covering let in? If you have dark curtains, for example, they are going to block out most of the light that could get into the room otherwise. Consider switching out for different window coverings, perhaps like shades or blinds that you can pull up and out of the way completely. That can let in more light and give you more of what you need.

Replace Old Windows

Your old windows might not let as much light in as you would like for a variety of reasons. When you get new windows, even if you get a similar style and size, you are going to have more natural light in your home. Windows today have larger glass space because the frames are smaller. That alone will let in more light. You can also plan your replacement windows in Claremont, CA to be larger or you can put in more of them so you can get the light you want to reach your goals. Contact the professionals at J. R. Door & Window Inc and we can help you with lighting and more.

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